Over 3 decades of experience in manufacturing, distributing & selling of machine conveyor, Portable Belt Conveyor, Belt Conveyor System, Motorized Belt Conveyors & more

About Us

Mr. Uday Bhan Maurya started the machinery manufacturing business in 1984 and named the company after his name- Maurya Industries. Situated in a prime location of Delhi (India), the Manufacturer & Supplier designs, engineers and develops a variety of machinery, used for purposes, such as packaging of different products; efficient transport of material; cutting or forming threads on nuts and bolts; efficient slitting, rewinding and counting of labels; making holes in SS sheets, aluminum strips, plastic or panels; cleaning rust or removing paint; smoothing the surface of workpieces and many more.

We provide a range of qualitative machinery including Packaging Machine, Material Handling Conveyor, Powerised Roller Conveyor , Tapping Machine, Table Top Slitter Re-winder, Wire Brush, Polishing Machine and more, for engineering, construction and metalworking industries. Each of these operator friendly, high performing and robust machines is developed in a number of configurations to meet the requirements of new and old customers in the market. We maintain professionalism in the business dealings, which help us in staying ahead of other companies in the same field.

For the smooth and efficient production of aforementioned machinery, the manufacturing facility is equipped with  modern machines and equipment. This facility is divided based on the specialized work done- production, quality control and packaging. And so does the employees, they are assigned with tasks they are specialized in doing. Their sincerity and dedication goes a long way to efficiently fulfill the requirements of customers. Each machine produced in-house undergoes a stringent quality check and trial test. And, the quality assured machinery are packaged and stocked in warehouse, until the dispatch.

Product Line

Maurya Industries pride itself in making available machinery to suit every purpose, customer and budget. Our product line encompasses:
  • Machine Conveyor
  • Lens Machine
  • Powerised Roller Conveyor
  • Packaging Machine
  • Glass Machine
  • Table Top Slitter Re-winder
  • Wire Brush
  • Polishing Machine
  • Hydraulic Punching Machine
  • Tapping Machine
  • Material Handling Conveyor
Client Satisfaction

For making customers, new or old satisfied with their business relations with us, we produce our range of machinery in different types and configurations and offer it at competitive prices. All our material handling equipment, punching, packaging and other machinery are efficient and durable enough to guarantee longer life. Our complete portfolio of machinery serves several industrial applications. The presence of personnel with a unique skill-set, allow us to address the requirements of customer in the best possible manner.

Why Us?

Being a client-centric company in the field of machinery production, we try to use premium quality components that are assembled in compliance with industrial quality standards. The company has been into this business for over 30 years and based on the following factors, it has become possible:
  • Technical expertise in engineering
  • Almost all components are manufactured in-house
  • All machines are trial tested before dispatch
  • Machinery can be custom-built to suit bespoke requirements of client
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